Over the past winter months Pigeons take cover. Here are just 2 of the jobs undertaken Thames Water and part of an old building bomded in WW2 for Cathedral Works Organisation

So just when you thought it was safe to go back in your garden? If you had them before, Gulls return to the same nesting site year on year, they will be back. Act soon

John ‘The Birdman’ Butler interviewed at the South East Business show

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Seagulls Fall Prey To Predators

hawk bird of preyIt’s not often you hear about the predatory nature of birds but this is someting that is being used to some effect to control Seagulls at a UK University
Seagulls nesting with int the grounds of  Plymouth University over the last few years have caused some university officials to take action.
These Seagulls are thought to be responsible for damaging the university grounds and attacking students on Campus. This called for an inovative approach to control the damage and the threats to students; so it seemed like a good idea to scare off the gulls.
No scarecrows we used as these simply don’t work on Seagulls but the introduction of some Birds of Prey such as Hawks and Falcons which seems to have paid dividends adn have had the effect of scaring off the Gulls.


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