Over the past winter months Pigeons take cover. Here are just 2 of the jobs undertaken Thames Water and part of an old building bomded in WW2 for Cathedral Works Organisation

So just when you thought it was safe to go back in your garden? If you had them before, Gulls return to the same nesting site year on year, they will be back. Act soon

John ‘The Birdman’ Butler interviewed at the South East Business show

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Bird Control and Bird Proofing Services - Brighton, Sussex and the South Coast

Pigeon Guano & Bird Dropping Removal Services

Building Cleaning & Mess Removal

Building CleaningCleaning up after birds

All types of buildings can be cleaned, whether monument, prestigious building, residential / commercial, to rid them of bird dropping mess. There is an initial clean up, with full disinfection and treatment with biocide. Pressure washing / hosing is used for final treatment. All mess taken away from site under Waste Disposal Regulations 1994.

Guano ClearanceCleaning up after bird mess

Pigeons often gain access to lofts and empty buildings. Once they start to breed, the build up of guano is considerable. Pigeon guano carries all sorts of diseases including E-Coli, Salmonella, Psittacosis, Ornithosis etc. There are also mites and nest fleas present. Lofts are cleaned out, fully treated with biocide and fumigated. All dead carcasses and mess removed from site under Waste Disposal Regulations 1994.

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