Over the past winter months Pigeons take cover. Here are just 2 of the jobs undertaken Thames Water and part of an old building bomded in WW2 for Cathedral Works Organisation

So just when you thought it was safe to go back in your garden? If you had them before, Gulls return to the same nesting site year on year, they will be back. Act soon

John ‘The Birdman’ Butler interviewed at the South East Business show

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Pigeon information


Pigeons are a relative of the Rock Dove, all efforts throughout the world have failed to stop the increase of the feral pigeon. Given the right conditions, they breed throughout the year, at an incredible rate.

Feral pigeons have been described as Flying Rats. Their excrement has been known to harbour all sorts of diseases, mites and fleas. Favourite nesting sites are balconies, ledges, flat roofs, lofts and empty buildings. If they get into a loft /roof space, because of a broken tile, the build up of guano can be considerable, as they breed so quickly in these conditions.

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