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Bird netting for balconies

It can not be disputed that the sound of our feathered friends chirping is most of the times pleasing to hear.

However if they take over the balcony of your flat, and their friendly calls are overshadowed with the unhygienic droppings and the mess of their nesting material, it is time to consider bird netting for residential balconies. The image on the right is a great example of how “invisible” good netting can be. The entire facade of this building is covered in Bird Netting!

There are numerous bird pest control options available however, many pest control options can harm the birds. In addition many bird pest control methods are only temporary in nature and require high and frequent maintenance.

Bird netting however  is a long term solution that holds a number of benefits that will not harm the birds and allow you to avert the negative aspects of our feathered friends and simply enjoy their friendly chirping again.

Bird netting provides a permanent solution. Good quality netting has a mesh between 1 up to 1.5 inches which makes it impossible for the majority birds perch on your balcony.
These products are constructed of highly durable materials that are UV protected, strong, free from corrosion, and do not rot. Unlike other bird pest control methods, bird netting are translucent and therefore just about invisible. You can enjoy your balcony without giving up your view or blocking the airflow.

Maintenance is easy and does not require much care. It is dust resistant and you can wash it off without any trouble or specialist care requirements.
In addition to all the mentioned benefits, bird netting for residential balconies are customized to suit your specific requirements for your specific flat balcony. It is professionally installed in such a way that you can remove it to clean and easily fit it back again without any trouble.
Knowing that the birds will not be harmed in any way and simply prevent them from perching on your balcony is a reassuring thought and provides a win-win situation for all.