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The wet weather is playing havoc with the birds at the moment.

Starlings normally start nesting at this time of year, but they are still roosting on the pier and not travelled to their nesting sites.

From my garden, I can see activity in a blue tits nesting box, on the back of a neighbour’s property. The tits are probably doing some ‘spring-cleaning’.

The roads from Eastbourne, Seaford, through Brighton and onto Worthing and Littlehampton are quite dangerous with much ‘puddled’ water. We have to spare a thought for our farmers who are having a dreadful time.

The gulls are pairing off and will start to think about nest making soon. If you have had problems, please call us: 01273-421307. They will be back to the ‘same site’ again this year. Don’t forget, under the Countryside and Wildlife Act, we are not allowed to touch nests once they have started nesing. Get your deterrents in NOW !!