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Lights, camera, action – Cleankill participates in promotional film for Bantham Technologies

Josh Bates
Dan Cooper

On Monday 10th October 2022, two of Cleankill’s pest control technicians, Josh Bates and Dan Cooper, assisted Bantham Technologies in the filming of a new promotional video.

Bantham Technologies supplies the digital reporting platform, previously Inkwrx, that is used by all of our field surveyors and technicians to provide instant documentation to our customers. Through their iPads, they have access to our full range of forms, thereby reducing the amount of time they spend in the office and considerably improving our reducing our sustainability.

We became involved in the promotional film when Hannah Shepherd, Head of Marketing at Bantham, contacted us and asked if we would like to participate. Dan and Josh were quick to volunteer, offering to appear on camera to explain what we do and how digital reporting allows us to improve our service. The whole thing was shot on location in SW1 and W1 by Clownfish.

Filming was completed on schedule, although it wasn’t without incident. House alarms, road works and the arrive of a delivery van right next to us all conspired to interrupt an interview with Josh and, just as Dan was about to talk to the camera, another delivery driver barged in, completely oblivious to the fact he was on film!!

We’d like to thank the teams at Clownfish and Bantham Technologies for their help. 

Watch the video.