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Fly control

Flies Control

Flies carry and spread a vast array of diseases and tend to breed prolifically.  They feed on food waste, farm waste, dead and live animals. A fly infestation may be caused by a number of factors but that doesn’t make them any more acceptable. A fly infestation of any sort can be highly irritating and also harmful to health. 

There are thousands of different species of fly, each with their own habits and foibles.

How to get rid of a fly problem

As a rule, preventing an infestation is better than dealing with one. Here are some basic tips for preventing fly infestations:

  • Keep food covered to prevent flies from spreading disease
  • Tidy up and clean straight after preparing food. If there is nothing for the flies to feast on, they will go elsewhere.
  • Empty and clean out the inside of dustbins regularly
  • If you compost, make sure it is situated as far as possible from the house
  • Pick up after your pets. Their droppings provide a perfect place for flies to breed
  • Flies will also be attracted to other decaying matter. A fly infestation could be a sign of a different pest problem needing attention.

Once the source of an infestation has been found and removed this should halt the problem.  If the source can't be found, flies can be destroyed with insecticide sprays that you can buy from any supermarket. If it's a continuous problem, there may be drainage problems or a build-up of moist organic debris outside the house. Flies are also attracted to standing water.

For non-domestic properties, electric fly killers and fly screens can greatly reduce the extent of fly problems but some situations may require an expert help.

For larger problems, professional companies such as Cleankill Pest Control can be called. Our pest control experts can advise on fly control methods, including cleaning and hygiene. Treatment will depend on the location of an infestation and the species involved. Whether you need a UV electrical fly killing machine, fly screen windows, strip curtain doors or regular treatments, our flies control services can help.

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Fun facts about flies

Blow flies are usually attracted to dead bodies within minutes of death. The quantity and type of maggots and flies in a decomposing corpse can help a forensic entomologist estimate the time of death fairly accurately

True flies have only one pair of wings and, sometimes, none at all. The hind pair of "wings" are called halteres and help the fly balance.

Scientists have calculated that a pair of flies beginning reproduction in April may produce under optimal conditions and if all were to live, 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 flies by August.

House flies' feet are 10 million times more sensitive to the taste of sugar than the human tongue