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Reaping the rewards for excellent service

The team

Cleankill Team Leader Dan Parsons recently took his team of technicians for a day of shooting in recognition of their outstanding achievement of exceeding their 95% state of service (SOS) target in both Q3 and Q4 2022. 

Incentive afternoons are normally arranged quarterly, with the rewards being taken in the next quarter. However, a combination of annual leave, training and a short month in December meant Dan’s team did not receive its Q3 incentive afternoon in Q4, so Dan asked if he could combine both half days into a single day.

Another reason for the delay in Q3’s reward was indecision among the team members about what they would like to do. Therefore, Dan made the final decision for the away day, choosing shooting. Previous rewards have included meals out with partners, axe throwing, indoor sky diving, golf, bowling and gift vouchers. 

Commenting on the incentive day, Dan said: “The guys really love doing these activities and combining it into a whole day was brilliant. It gave everyone a better chance to interact on an equal footing. My team of technicians ranges from 19 to 50+, including a father and son, and so these events give us an opportunity to communicate and interact as equals. Everyone gets to see their colleagues in a different light. After all, the most experienced pest control technician, who to a new starter might seem to be unstoppable, isn’t necessarily going to be good at indoor sky diving!”

During the shooting day, each member got the opportunity to try a wide variety of different weapons – always under expert tuition. These ranged from assault rifles to lever-action repeating rifles like those used in the Wild West!

“Everyone had a brilliant time. I like to keep a slight air of competition within the team. That means there is no last place, but everyone remains invested in making sure the team is always doing better. If someone is struggling, and it could be anyone, the rest of the team is ready to support them. It also helps me when it comes to choosing the Cleankill Team Technician of the Year.”

Dan is rightly proud of his team; they have done remarkably well over the last two years. Since failing to reach their target in Q2 2021, they have managed to exceed each quarter's target, and in Q1 2023 achieved 97%. If they manage to reach their target again in Q2, that will be two years of success – a real achievement.

The last word goes to Dan: “I am very proud of the guys and what we have achieved as a team.”