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Surveying with Mark

Surveying with Mark - pigeon mess

Following on from our recent blogs – The Power of Insights and Bird Control: Falconry and Proofing – we hear from Vickie as she spends a day with surveyor Mark Hobbs. Here’s what she saw…and smelt!

What I can definitely say after my day with Mark is that surveyors and technicians certainly get about.

We started our day with a visit to SES Water in Kenley. While we were here, we spoke to the manager about pest control and the ways Cleankill could help them in their efforts to remain pest-free.

Our second stop was at the South Quarter development, just off Purley Way. Mark checked the bin stores and then delivered a leaflet to each flat to advise on a block treatment. I was soon learning that being out in the field is a multifaceted job that can involve you doing more than one thing on a site visit.

Next up was Feltham to inspect a loft in a block of flats. We found that someone had been on the roof and this had dislodged a few tiles. The pigeons had then exploited this…in a big way! We found evidence of over a hundred pigeons. When I say evidence, I don’t just mean actual birds but also the mess they leave. The smell was unbelievable. Thankfully, we had all the right equipment to keep us safe and Mark is extremely experienced in dealing with these situations.

Obviously, all this needs to be cleaned up and the insulation repaired once the pigeons have been encouraged to leave.

Fourth on our list was an old people’s home in Molesey where rats have been spotted in the garden. Mark began a survey of the site to see if he could find a nest or point of access. Unfortunately, Mark was unable to access one of the most obvious points of entry – the drains – because a car had been parked over it.

Cleankill staff carry all the tools they need to complete a wide variety of jobs, but I’m afraid car removal isn’t part of their skillset. We therefore needed to arrange a return visit to complete the inspection.

Our final two visits were to a lady in Walton to survey her pigeon problem – Mark took photographs and said he would liaise with the property manager – and a residential property with a rat problem.

What I learned

You can’t be too much of an introvert. During my day, we visited multiple properties and spoke to several people. They want reassurance that they are talking to the right people and that comes across when the pest controller talks with confidence.

It was also clear you have the be able to think quickly as each visit we made was very different from the previous in terms of property, requirements, personnel, etc. Mark was brilliant at talking to the clients, giving them the right information and assuring them that a solution was possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day out with Mark, it gives you a wonderful insight into how the other half of the business operates.