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The right way to procure pest control

Recently I responded to a post on LinkedIn from a fellow pest control specialist. He was bemoaning the rise of the ‘procurement specialist’. In fact, he didn’t mean all procurement specialists, just those who work for “soulless” corporations and have a “vested interest in reducing cost but zero interest in getting a job done.”

Sending out the right message

If you saw a pest control van outside of a restaurant, what would you think?

Would you think?

  1. “I won’t go there because they have a pest problem!”
  2. “I will go there because they obviously take pest control seriously!”

I bet if you ask most people in this country, they will choose the first one.

This is wrong!

Pest control specialist warns business owners about potential pest problems as lockdown ends

As life begins to return to normal and we can finally meet friends and family for a drink or meal, Cleankill Pest Control is warning business owners to be on their guard against unwanted pests.

Managing Director Paul Bates has issued a reminder to pubs, restaurants and businesses with outside seating areas to be extra vigilant against pests.

Are your premises ready for the rodent return?

With the country beginning to unlock, Cleankill Pest Control is reminding businesses to check they have the right measures in place to stop an infestation of rodents.

It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, for rodents, it could be said humans are their best friends. Pre-pandemic, our social lives and working routines gave them plenty of food and harbourage.